Holiday Card Challenge

I’ve been a busy little bee creating some holiday cards for Minted’s Christmas card challenge. Now that my illustrations are posted on Minted, you can view and vote for them.

If you like my cards I would LOVE to get your vote!

You can find the voting links below each image.

Voting ends soon, THANK YOU!! ūüôā

Christmas Card
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Christmas Card
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Christmas Card
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Going To The Woods

It seems for me, that any trip which involves adventure in the outdoors is a sure way to find creative inspiration. A recent 5 day backcountry trip in the Porcupine Mountain Wilderness with my husband was no exception. This was a much needed trip away from life schedules and instead following the rhythm of the wild. I always enjoy the transformation within that happens as days on the trail accumulate. Worries, noise, faces, voices, songs that fill my mind start to slowly fade and are replaced with the beat of crickets, rush of streaming water, and call of loons. Clarity is heightened, beauty is greater appreciated, and it is in the wilderness that my path becomes clearest.

Porcupine Mountains

The Art of Making A Linocut

Printmaking seems to be an art form that most people don’t know too much about, if anything at all. It can be quite labor intensive, but is a beautiful way to create a piece mulitple times while still maintaining its fine art quality. There are many different forms and methods one can create a print by; etching, woodcut,¬†intaglio, aquatint,¬†engraving, monotype, linocut, mezzotint,¬†silkscreen, lithography…….you get the picture. I have worked in several of these genres but am curently focused on linocut printmaking. Follow my picture¬† sequence below to see what is involved in the process of creating a linocut.

I start with a lino block and use a carving tool to carve my image out of the “blank canvas”. (in some cases I carve several blocks to create multiple color layers and dimension).

The lino block after it has been carved.
After, the block is carved I mix my inks and roll it onto the block.
Rolling the first color onto my block.
Rolling the second color onto the same block
Inked block ready to be printed.
After the block is inked, I place the paper on the block and proceed to transfer the image by applying pressure with a wooden spoon.
Removing the paper carefully from the block.
All that hard work for a beautiful piece that you can print multiple pieces of.